Chris Kelly (Rest in Peace My Love) 5.1.13


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Chris Kellycross2n-4-webChris Kelly & Chris Smith

Sad day in history mane. Another one of our people that we love so dear has allowed that monster to manifest and take authority of his life.

Chris Kelly and Chris Smith were discovered at Greenbriar Mall in 1991 by now-famous entertainer and producer Jermaine Dupri. From there two stars were born Kriss Kross, backward pants wearing teenagers. My favorite song  is “Jump”  that was debut in 1992 on So So Def Records Label.

The story goes that he had been doing heroin and cocaine on Wednesday. Later he wasn’t feeling well but before laying down he did an interview with Streetz Morning Grind radio show in ATL. From the interview he kinda sounded wasted but more than anything and this is just my personal opinion he sounded like a man in his 50 or 60′s. He was rambling off and on about how he miss his iterview and how he had the bull by the horn in so many words. I really think they caught him in that drug awkward moment. Smh. He was rush to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. ‘It appears it may have been a possible drug overdose,’ said Cpl. Kay Lester

When I woke this morning and seen this. It touched home once again. Drugs kill people and I just thank God that he was and is a stronger influence in my life than that evil spirit. The fight is real my people. It is a slow torture. It is hell if you ever want to know what hell is.

I’m 36 and I’m still standing and when I hear this man is 34 that is some cold shit. lol.

All I can say is if there a person that is struggling and fighting this demon of drugs. Hold their hand. Get in their head. There is a reason why that person is hurt. It could be being mistreated as a kid, being raped, molested, shot, stabbed, loneliness, being hungry, divorce, separation, low self-esteem. There is a problem, they are asking for SOMEONE TO HELP THEM!!! We as people just go on with our lives and say fuck it. He or she will be ok. Well you know what? I did come out of all of that bs but I still have issues. I thank God that I am not the woman I was 4 yrs ago but I WISH SOMEONE WOULD HAVE EXTENDED THEIR HAND AND SAY Mizz Beatzz I got you. lol God did. He held me through all that and I can say I wish I would have had someone in the flesh but God knows that I’m stronger than the average. I needed to go through that so everyone can see the works that he have instill in me. God is good my people.

If you have someone who needs help my people help them. Don’t walk away. Dont’s laugh. Don’t use and abuse them. They have been abused enough.

With that I love you Chris Kelly. I do not know what you were going through but I can say that you not alone anymore. You are at peace and God has the last say now. May you Rest In Peace my love.




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So a day after election and itz more ppl pissed off than ppl in hell. I am happy for Obama…. He has made great accomplishments in his life time. I just would like to say ppl, if you vote… Vote for the right reasonz…. js….. Some ppl get things confused and they focus on the wrong things in life and then when the shit hit the fan. They see their life instantly repeating itself like a broken record.

For myself I have been maintaining me, like a leaf blowing in the wind. I am ready to travel. Really Im ready to travel…. My life iz getting pretty boring here and I am bout to hurt slap someone or myself…. Where I am headed I do not know but I am about to make my way to the nearest airport. Yea I am flying this time. Tired of the asphalt time to ball like I aint never ball before. Ya digg?????

Well hope your day is goin good and ttys.

MB :)



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Itz been a minute for me. How has everyone been doing??? I missed everyone. I want to take the time out to say that I am really sorry to hear about Tameka Glover son, Kile Glover… Itz really a sad situation and something to think about. It hurts deep and it hit close to home once again.

Kile Glover

I am a person that believes their iz another place for all of us. I do not believe in sadness but I believe in peace. Not only that but #1 day it will be a new heaven and a new earth!!!! He is with us now. He will stand tall again #1 day.


Have a Great Day and take of yourself my people!!!!


M.B. :)

Jus Thinking


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I am sitting here listening to Zac Brown Band. “No Hurry.” Beautiful song. I got a lot of thingz on my mind. Thinking about you, her, him, them and all of these things that we call life. I juz want to say Thank You for taking time to come into my world. I aint perfect. I have made mistakez that I kick myself in the azz for but #1 thing that I know. I WILL NEVA GIVE IN AND I NEVA PLAN ON GIVING UP!!!! Lol ppl alwayz talking and neva listening and they will blame you for everything because they will not stand up for themselves (that goes for Shameka also).I apologize for whatever I did to you. I will try my best not to do it again. If you decide not to mingle with me any longer. I DO NOT BLAME YOU!!! JUZ KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU AND WISH THE BEST FOR YOU. I will continue to do me and it will be with a pure heart and I will close my eyez knowing that Shameka Medina (Mizz Beatzz) tried and gave 100% effort to make it right….. lol…. ikr? Take care of yourself and each other my people. If it iz for you. It will be laid in your lap. If not don’t be mad and say, “Why not me?” God has something better for you. He knows, He knows. Have a Great Night. Love Hard, Love Real. xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxox :)



Daisy B



 Jenny and Javier (top) JoJo and Javier (L)


 Shakayla w/Dion Fiancee



 Daisy(R) Luis (M) JoJo (L)

These are my 7 + 1

Mary Christine Chapa and Mollie Judith Olgin


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Mary Christine Chapa (left) and Mollie Judith Olgin

 Mary Chapa and Mollie Olgin was in Violet Andrews Park  in Portalnad, Texas when someone came up and shot them both. Mollie Olgin was pronounced dead at the park and Mary Chapa is in stable condition. Mary and Mollie was in a relationship and police are trying to figure out who shot the two teens. Mary has not been  interviewed. Family and friends cannot understand who would do this. Everyone speaks very highly of the young ladies. People in the community accept them and they were really great teens. said Frank Reyna as he spoke with MSNBC.  Mary and Mollie family and friends will be holding a vigil on Friday for the couple.  On Wednesday another vigil will be setup in San Francisco by Cleve Jones, a gay civil rights activist who conceived the AIDS Memorial Quilt. Many supporters in Seattle, Vancouver and Philadelphia are also planning to attend and rally on behalf of the Mary and Mollie.

Really a sad story ppl. Two young teens lost their life. Police are still investigating. I’m jus shaking my head. I try not to get personal with some stories that I write but for some reason they always hit home. That is the reason I write them. :) Hopefully the police in Portland Texas will find the shooter(s) Prayers go up and Blessings come down. Someone baby gone and another struggling to survive. I also want to say. Please do not put any rude remarks because they will be deleted. However a person decide to live, that iz on them but on my page you will not come and say hateful things. So please find another place to squat.

Have a Great Day people. :)


Pamela Mason


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Ok can someone please tell me why Pamela Mason dumb azz drunk azz callz 911 while in jail? Pamela  (52)had gotten arrested for DUI. She was allowed #1 phone call to her attorney. Rather than calling her attorney she callz 911. Pamela goez into detailz to tell the operator that she iz being held against her will. So yall know what happen right. The 911 operator talked ignant to herrr dumb azz drunk azz and told her that she will tell the staff at the jail. Pamela recieve another charge for misusing 911.

Now Yo Dumb azz have gotten another charge..  Wow really funny story. You can’t see it on the video but she was doing aerobics right before she made the Emergency Dumb azz 911 call. lol Too much my ppl.

 Thanks to for the link. Go by there and check out the video. Really funny…. :)

Have a Great Night MB :)

P.S. Couldn’t find a pic. So this #1 will work for now. lol


Micheal Jackson Anniversary


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Today marks 3 yrs for the Mega Superstar/Singer MJ. We miss you dearly. You made history and moved many mountains. I love you bro. You alwayz made me feel better. You use to put me to sleep. When I was sad, I would put your music on and sing with you and I was much better. Micheal you are a great person and will continue to be a great person.   Your children are beautiful and getting bigger. They miss you Micheal and I do too. Micheal is a great person with a beautiful soul. You will always be remembered. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your life, struggle, pain and happiness more than anything. :)   *courtesy of Us magazine.   Have a great day ppl…. ;) M.B.